In an attempt to reclaim my soul I booked a trip to Thailand in August of 2018 and I decided to ditch my phone. For several years I have been running two businesses and spreading myself far too thin. I'm burnt out and I need an exotic escape. I miss having time with my camera, in a foreign land, experiencing new cultures and feeling inspired. What I'm saying is I need a change of pace and I want to do ART, creating images that won't be shared with the world or blasted over the World Wide Web. I'll be Disconnected for three weeks in order to reconnect with the myself, and I would like to share it with you.

So I've decided to have a show, because I miss hanging shows and I miss walking around and discussing my work with people face to face. I miss the way it feels when it all finally comes together, and I miss seeing people walk out of a room with one of my prints in their hand knowing that it's going to hang on their wall and live in their personal space. I miss the art of photography. The art I dove headfirst into almost 20 years ago.  I'm extremely tired of the Internet and social media. I want to see my pictures in PRINT hanging on the wall, and I am inviting  you to come share it with me. One night. One show. One chance to share this experience with the world from 6pm-10pm APRIL 6, 2019 TICKETS AVAILABLE HERE